Our Brands

Greenoland is authorised distridutor and suppliers of the world famous water saving products accross Dubai, UAE


The Neoperl Group is a leading supplier for the plumbing industry around the globe. products shape the water stream, regulate the flow rate, connect appliances to water and protect drinking water from contamination. Our watersaving products enable everyone to reduce their use of this precious resource and to reduce their energy consumption by heating less water – a simple solution to the benefit of the vironment and the climate.

AIR JET - Shower Heads

An engineering breakthrough of three years in the making has brought us the technology of AirJet showerheads and its patented vacuum valve pressure system. A vacuum valve is built at the end of the showerhead designed to increase water pressure via air intake. Along with this, AirJet also utilizes the Venturi Effect of fluid mechanics, which states that due to the Equation of Continuity and the Conservation of Energy, pressure is increased when the speed of flow is decreased.

EZ-JET - Water Cannon

Based in Taiwan, leading manufacturer of high quality water saving water jet cannons The water spray gun from EZ Jet has 8 built-in multi-functional hose nozzles. It is an ideal tool for cleaning your house, car, driveway and comes with a flow control knob along with a built-in soap/fertilizers dispenser. Greenoland is the authorised distributer of EZ-JET products accross United Arab Emirates.