Latest Product MIKADO*Aerator

The new MIKADO aerator turns the water stream into an eye-catcher when washing your hands. Its extraordinary, grid-like spray pattern – formed by individual water jets – creates a surprisingly clear and harmonious effect in its delicate design idiom. Given that owing to its form the spray loses density as it moves downwards, the force of the jets ranges from vigorously massaging to pleasantly soft.

Beautiful stream design

New possibilities for faucet designers are afoot: by adjusting the geometric properties of the individual jets three different MIKADO aerator models have been created. Their stream pattern ranges from slim, close-meshed (the Uno model) to expansive (Tre).

Saving water and energy

The integrated PCA® technology enables a virtually constant flow rate of 0.35 gpm (approx. 1.3 l/min) and 0.5 gpm (approx. 1.9 l/min) regardless of pressure fluctuations. With less warm water being used, the energy needed to heat it is saved as well.


Save Water Saving Energy & Save Earth

Water is no doubt the most precious resource on earth and we all have the responsibility to save it as much as we can.

This realization is the major reasons Greenoland has come to the forefront of delivering exceptional water-saving solutions and systems in Dubai for clients of all sizes and shapes.



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