Regulator for Shataff & Shower

Go ahead and pick the water-saver from Greenoland that matches your requirements and fit the same to your shower for a more comfortable shower and save water. There is no doubt that showers are place where most water is wasted unknowingly by everyone. This is where our water-saving solutions in Dubai for showers come for your rescue.

Having realized that everyone likes to save water for a myriad of reasons, we have brought a wide range of products that can fit the beauty and aesthetic requirements of the clients as per the styles of their bathrooms and other fittings.

In addition, we have made all our water-saves solutions for showers in Dubai extremely affordable and value-adding for the investments the clients are going to make with us. With better water saving options comes reduced energy and water bills.

It’s as simple as that!


PCW-02 Washer Regulator - Option 1

PCW-02 Washer Regulator 1/2" water saving element for shower handles and bib/ pillar taps

The PCW-02 washer regulator is a washer with dual function: sealing and flow regulating. A flexible turbine for secure positioning fits in various tube diameters.
Typical applications are 1/2" shower handles, bib and pillar taps (male thread); these units can easily be equipped with the flexible silicone adapter before installation.

WATER SAVING - a convenient and inexpensive way to save water and energy
HIDDEN INSIDE - and invisible from the outside
EASY ASSEMBLY – in any 1/2" male thread; perfect for retrofit


PCR 1/2" Water Savers - Option 2

Sprayer water savers help save water and energy – no loss of comfort, very easy to install. Simply insert the 1/2" screw connection between faucet and shower hose and start saving water and energy.


Water Saving Airjet Shower Heads

Hand-held Shower

Made for durability with shock-resistant ABS resin.
Built with Silicon Orings which endure high temperatures.
A 4 ring, strong water hose connective section prevents any breaking of shower heads.
Perfectly engineered curvature angle for the most satisfying showers.

Fixed-mount Shower

Made with a polycarbonate body to withstnd strong air expansion pressures.
Internal UV coating prevents slime buildup.
Compatible with all typical home showers.
Bell-shaped design for more water coverage.


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