Water Saving Tips from Greenoland

Water is no doubt the most precious resource on earth and we all have the responsibility to save it as much as we can. This realization is the major reasons Greenoland has come to the forefront of delivering exceptional water-saving solutions and systems in Dubai for clients of all sizes and shapes.

However, having such solutions and systems does not guarantee that you save water. You need to always consciously work and try to save water.

Unlike saving most other resources, saving water is pretty easy; you just need to follow the simple tips as given below during your routine life to save gallons of water every day.

Keep the following in mind while using water to save it;

Tip 1

Repair any and all dripping faucets right away

Tip 2

Close faucets and taps while brushing or shaving

Tip 3

Take a short shower instead of a deep bath

Tip 4

Reduce your shower time

Tip 5

If you are lathering, turn off the water

Tip 6

Use a washing-machine only when it is loaded fully

Tip 7

Refrain from using pre-wash setting on your washing machine

Tip 8

Wash your dishes in a bowl instead under the running water

Tip 9

Avoid from pre-rinsing your dishes since the dishwasher can do that

Tip 10

Use the dishwasher only when it is full

Tip 11

Water the plant’s roots

Tip 12

Plant the garden at morning or evening